Staging hire

Good quality, safe and smart looking staging for hire can often be difficult to source.

Dancefactors has a modular staging system providing any easy way for event organisers to produce platforms of varying sizes and heights.

Our staging is available to hire in multiples of 1 meter square and height increments of 150mm (6") upwards. Matching treads and handrails to compliment the stage panels can be supplied from stock. The sides are covered in a smart vallence and tops can be carpeted if required.

Stage catwalk show

The modular nature makes our staging incredibly flexible - perfect for catwalks and product launches and can even be stepped up and tiered to provide variable seating heights for theatrical productions or shows.

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  • Presentations
  • Fashion show catwalks
  • Product launch events
  • Bands
  • Theatre productions
  • Top table risers
  • School plays and concerts
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